Syrian Refugees, Welcome To Canada

Our area is now getting a significant influx of Syrian refugees, and to be completely honest I think this is a great thing. Our country, much like Keith Richards, can only survive with the constant infusion of new blood.

My opinion on this subject may surprise you, but I really believe that humanitarian efforts like this is what makes Canada such a great country. Its what makes us so much better then our idiot cousins to the south who tend to bomb the shit out of places and then, with an utterly confused look on their face, wonder what the hell to do next.

That being said, I do have a few small pointers for all of you new Canadians, to help you acclimatize to your new environment, and enjoy all your new home has to offer.

1. Left lane fast, right lane slow.

2. Baba ganoush is not a cologne.

3. It gets cold here, discover the joy that is thermal underwear.

4. We are not Americans. Thinking so will just get you bodychecked into the boards.

5. We have things here called lines. You stand in them to politely wait your turn to do things. Embrace their use.

6. Sharia Laws mean fuck all here. Take this opportunity to shrug off such nonsense and embrace being your own person. Seriously. Because any religion that says you can’t have bacon is too retarded for words to express.

7. On that note. Yes bacon IS a food group.

8. I’m not sure how ya had it back home, but beating your wife and kids here will only end badly for you.

9. Don’t worry. Curling will eventually make sense.

10. There is more to see here then Toronto. Learn about and explore the most beautiful country on the planet.

11. Also, if you have some unfathomable bout of idiocy, and begin cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs, someone will probably come to your house and pimpslap you. Have some self-respect.

Finally always remember that, as a country, we welcomed you with open arms during what is probably the very worst time of your lives. And we are happy to do it. All we ask is you respect the rules and laws already in place, and always remember those that helped you and pay it forward when the opportunity arises to help someone else.

That’s what it is to be Canadian.

Welcome home.


Just Hang On A Second Retards…..

Lately I seem to have been getting quite a few messages from overly sensitive language Nazis, questioning my use of the word ‘retarded’.

So being as I had a few spare minutes I thought I would take the opportunity to clarify my position on the subject.

When I use the word, my context is simply one of describing an incredibly stupid person or act, not as a comparison to someone with a mental or cognitive disability. Its a condemnation. Its not derogatory.

That’s not the kind of dude I am. The mentally handicapped have never done anything horrible to me. In fact if you take the time to look, they appear to have access to a level of love for others that you and Icouldn’t begin to fathom.

So no. I’m not talking about them.

I’m talking about retards. You know them. You’reprobably related to them. They are fucking everywhere I look. I’ll provide some examples for additional clarity.

– Dumbshits who show blatant aggression towards anyone who in any way makes fun of NASCAR. Huge retards.

– Women who get the shit beat out of them by an abusive asshole, but keep going back to him instead of leaving, or killing him with a shovel. Retards.

– Any religious person who thinks their faith makes more sense then science and rationality, should be wearing a hockey helmet full time they’re so retarded.

– People that generally do things that make you shake your head and wonder exactly what kind of nonsense goes through their heads. Retards everywhere!

So as you can see, my use of the word is both grammatically correct, and factually accurate.

So fuck off and go bother someone else.

A Look Back At Columbine & The Halfassed Investigation It Produced

This article is over 14 years old, but I thought it greatly illustrates how American society tends to eat whatever news is spoon-fed to them, without daring to ask even the simplest questions. Hopefully this ineptitude and ignorance which hampered the entire investigation will help people question false flag and disinformation operations in the future.


Bitterness About Columbine Lingers

Investigation: Families of victims say they are still waiting for a full accounting of what happened in the nation’s worst school shooting.

April 08, 2002|J. MICHAEL KENNEDY
DENVER — Brian Rohrbough, his face lined and pale, works to keep his tone even as he talks about the time that has passed since his son Danny died in the fusillade that ripped through Columbine High School.
Three years gone, he says, and police have yet to fully account for their actions that April day when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold rampaged through the school. Rohrbough takes the stonewalling personally. He believes a policeman killed his son that day.

“I think victims’ families have certain rights–to be told the truth about what happened,” he says. “All I want is the truth.”

The worst school shooting in U.S. history has left not only many lingering questions but also a legacy of rancor and continued accusations.

A few weeks ago, someone leaked Columbine crime scene photos to the Rocky Mountain News, one of Denver’s two daily newspapers. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department had pledged they would never be made public. Though the paper ended up not publishing the photos, the resulting brouhaha prompted Sheriff John Stone to order his entire department to take polygraph tests to identify the paper’s source.

Parents of the 12 slain children had been pinning their hopes on an independent legislative investigation, complete with subpoena power, to resolve unanswered questions about the massacre and its aftermath. Many of the parents broke into tears last month when the state Legislature, citing the high cost, voted down a bill calling for the investigation. The state representative who sponsored the legislation has vowed to reintroduce it soon.

The Colorado attorney general and the Jefferson County district attorney have taken their own steps to staunch criticism of the Columbine investigation. They recently asked the approximately 35 law enforcement agencies that responded to the April 20, 1999, massacre to turn in everything they possess, including investigative interviews and other records related to the case.

They hope to create a clearinghouse of information and curtail the numerous accusations that authorities either withheld data or gave out wrong information. Critics applaud the effort but say it should have been done long ago, before evidence was lost or destroyed.

At the same time, Sheriff Stone, still smarting from the accusation that a policeman may have shot Danny Rohrbough, has asked the sheriff in nearby El Paso County to look into the thoroughness of his Columbine investigation. The results of that review are expected to be made public within several weeks.

Also, Jefferson County Dist. Atty. Dave Thomas recently asked the county coroner to conduct an inquest into Rohrbough’s death. But the coroner declined, saying he did not want to put witnesses, many of them students, through more trauma. He also said the inquest would serve “no purpose” because it would not change the official conclusion about Danny Rohrbough’s death unless new evidence surfaces.

Father Keeps Fighting

Meanwhile, Columbine-related lawsuits have dwindled to a single case. More than a dozen suits, filed by the victims’ parents against the Harris and Klebold families, the police and others have been settled or thrown out of court.

The remaining lawsuit was filed by the family of Columbine teacher Dave Sanders, who bled to death inside the high school even as students begged rescuers to help him. The suit, for which no trial date has been set, contends that Sanders died because rescuers waited three hours to enter the building.

“It’s a story with the longest legs I’ve ever known,” Thomas said. “There’s always something new. The latest is the release of these photos. It didn’t just happen by accident. Someone wants to keep this story alive.”

One person keeping the Columbine story from fading is Brian Rohrbough, who installs high-end sound equipment from his industrial park shop in suburban Englewood.

Rohrbough has joined with his former wife, Susan Petrone, in the quest for information about the death of their only son. Rohrbough, 43, whose neatly trimmed hair is going gray, is one of several parents of Columbine victims who have appeared on television and radio programs to demand a complete accounting of the shootings.

Rohrbough has long contended his son was killed by “friendly fire,” based on his interpretation of the evidence. But he stunned the Columbine community late last year by filing a federal court document asking for the reinstatement of a lawsuit that named Denver Police Sgt. Daniel O’Shea, who had been decorated as a hero for his actions at Columbine, as the man who accidentally shot Danny Rohrbough.

“I think he shot Dan,” Rohrbough said. “I think O’Shea got on the scene and then Dan comes running down the stairs and he mistook Dan for a gunman and shot and killed him.”

Rohrbough’s evidence is circumstantial. He first named O’Shea after learning that soon after Columbine, an emotional O’Shea told an acquaintance that he thought he might have shot an innocent student during the melee.

Coupled with that is the tape-recorded statement of a former deputy sheriff–also a onetime family friend–who told Rohrbough he saw Danny shot much later than the official version of events. According to Rohrbough’s analysis, that would have put O’Shea at the scene rather than on his way to it. The former deputy, Jim Taylor, later said he had not seen Danny fall to the ground.

Finally, Rohrbough points to the fact that the bullet that killed his son was never found, making it impossible to link the shooting to Harris and Klebold.

O’Shea denied Rohrbough’s accusation. What he had told the acquaintance, O’Shea explained, was that he was glad he hadn’t accidentally shot a student–any student–during the shootout. He also said television footage shot during the massacre backed up his version of what happened. Rohrbough says the footage was shot an hour after the attack began and proved nothing.

O’Shea said after seeing the film: “Daniel Rohrbough was shot by Klebold and Harris right at the outset of this, before anybody had a chance to dial 9, much less 911.” He declined to be interviewed for this report.

Sheriff Stone and his chief lieutenants also declined to comment. Citing the advice of their attorneys, they also refused to testify before the governor’s commission investigating Columbine.

Sheriff Criticized

The sheriff has come under fire from various quarters, mostly from parents battling for records about what happened on the day of the massacre. Stone also has been criticized for making speeches outside Colorado while staying silent at home, as well as for giving videotapes made by the killers to Time magazine.

On Friday, he announced he would not run for reelection, citing the strain of the job since the shootings.

“John Stone is a very complex individual and one I haven’t been able to figure out,” said Thomas, the district attorney. “I think what’s happened is sad for him personally and sad for his department.”

Critics fault Stone’s department for bungling the post-Columbine investigation and for not recognizing Klebold and Harris as dangerous when, a year before the shootings, it received complaints about them.

Just recently, it became clear that no detailed record exists of how O’Shea expended 60 rounds of ammunition, more than a third of all shots fired by officers that day. Law enforcement was again criticized last month because ballistic experts didn’t run complete tests on the bullet found in the backpack of student Corey DePooter, killed in the school library. The bullet came from the carbine fired by Harris, but a sheriff’s spokesman said the oversight was discovered only recently.

And then came the pictures leaked to the Rocky Mountain News. One purportedly shows Harris and Klebold after they committed suicide inside the school.

“What this shows is that it’s an incompetent department,” said Randy Brown, whose son Brooks was killed at Columbine. “These photos were trophies, things to take home and show around.”

Brown and his wife, Judy, were the parents who complained to the Sheriff’s Department a year before Columbine that Harris was making death threats on the Internet, including one against their son. The complaint was never acted on.

“I believe Jefferson County and the state of Colorado are about as corrupt as it can get,” he said. “They know this is a major failure by a police department and no one will admit it. They have no interest in finding the truth here.”

Lawsuit Finally Filed To Prove Sandy Hook Was A Hoax

By Pete Papaherakles — American Free Press

The mass school shootings in Pakistan on December 16 have generated controversy about media coverage of the story and rekindled accusations that the mainstream media lied about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings two years ago. One of the alleged victims in Pakistan seems to have been killed twice, as he was also one of the 20 children reportedly killed at Sandy Hook.

During a televised report by the BBC of the Pakistan shootings, the reporter is seen walking in front of a wall with pictures of the children killed there. One of the pictures is none other than Noah Pozner, one of the more oft-displayed faces of the 20 children allegedly killed at the Sandy Hook school shootings, in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012. BBC has admitted in a short article that “the montage of images includes the photo of a young boy, Noah Pozner, who died in the Sandy Hook massacre in the United States in 2012,” but made no further comments.

Noah Pozner’s picture has circulated all across Pakistan, including at several vigils held for the slain children. Bizarrely, Pakistani authorities, officials at the Army Public School (where the massacre occurred) and the media have identified the boy in the photo as Huzaifa Huxaifa. According to website “,” “The name Hudhaifa is derived from the rootword ‘hazaf,’ which means to erase something. The name spells ‘erased’ in two different ways.”

Despite the Pozner photo anomaly, no one is actually questioning the veracity of the tragic school massacre in Pakistan. Unlike Sandy Hook, photos and videos were shown of the dead children on the scene, including blood, gore, rescue squad members, police, grieving parents and a scene of general pandemonium.

Many researchers over the past two years have felt that Sandy Hook lacked the transparency necessary to prove it believable and left many unanswered questions. They have pointed fingers at the Connecticut police, the government, first responders and what have come to be called “crisis actors,” but mostly they have blamed the media for spreading false stories and disinformation and fabricating what they call the Sandy Hook hoax.

One of these people is filmmaker and author William Brandon Shanley. He has launched a wave of lawsuits for more than $1 trillion against big media over their Sandy Hook school shooting coverage. The New York Times, Associated Press, the Hartford Courant and The Newtown Bee are being sued for $10 billion in punitive damages.

Shanley’s lawsuit says the media conspired to commit fraud and terrorism. “This fraud involved lying to the public, faking news, publishing one-sided news reports, censoring reality, suppressing facts and deliberately skewing the news to shift public perceptions,” he argued.

In an interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS on December 29, Shanley said he believes Americans have been lied to about Sandy Hook.

“I have filed lawsuits against the media in U.S. District Court in New Haven for fraud and terrorism,” he said.

Shanley believes that “the media conspired to brainwash the public into thinking a lone gunman drill known as the ‘Sandy Hook Massacre’ was real, when in fact it was a staged FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] National Level Exercise Event.”

Shanley pointed to two of the main documents he includes in his lawsuit.

“One is the photo that was on the front page of all the newspapers, magazines and on every TV channel,” explained Shanley. “Everyone has seen this picture of a dozen or so children supposedly being evacuated from Sandy Hook School. The children are shown walking single file in a parking lot with their hands on each other’s shoulder while a policewoman is guiding them. Have you seen that picture? Everyone has seen that picture. But guess what? That picture was completely staged by Shannon Hick of The Newtown Bee. It wasn’t even taken on that day. You can tell that the children are not even wearing winter clothes and there is no frost on the ground as there was on December 14. Not a single child is wearing any winter clothes, not even one coat or jacket. That’s because the photo was taken either on November 12 or on October 17 during a drill conducted at Sandy Hook. Other panned out pictures of this photo-op event show that only these 10 to 15 kids are on the scene along with other bystanders. Where are the other 585 children?”

Shanley said the other evidence he has is the video footage from the dash cams in the police cars that showed up at Sandy Hook School that morning.

“The cameras have a running time stamp starting from 9:37 a.m. and running till 12:49 p.m. and show the entire school and parking lot, yet they show absolutely no evacuation activity taking place that morning, nor do they record purported evacuation activity at specific times as recorded in the official Sandy Hook report,” he said. “In at least 36 documented instances, the evacuation activity events reported on the official Sandy Hook report are not reflected in any of the three dash cams pointed at the specific direction of the school building cited in the report.”

The iconic picture of the children being evacuated was allegedly taken at 10:16 a.m. on December 14, 2012. Once again, there is no such activity recorded by any of the three dash cams, which scoped the entire school and parking lot. Aerial video footage taken of the school grounds by news helicopters also do not show any evacuation activity.

It is doubtful that Shanley’s pro se lawsuit will get any traction, as he lacks the funds to proceed with such an ambitious undertaking. Furthermore, since the interview was taken, Shanley’s whereabouts are unknown, as he has mysteriously disappeared.


Our Retarded Society And Why It Pisses Me Off (And Maybe What To Do About It)

I think I have finally articulated what it is that pisses me off so much about the world around me.

It’s a bunch of things actually, and I will list and define them here, but this moment of clarity by no means came easy.
Our culture here in North America, if one could even use that word to describe it, has allowed itself to become fat, lazy, gleefully stupid, ignorant of actual facts and blindly faithful to even more ignorant religions and faiths. But the biggest issue is our constant subdivision into petulant little groups of people that genuinely, but for no valid reason, vehemently dislike each other.
So listed here are a few things wrong with our present day society. Except I will also include some radically unheard of solutions, just don’t get the impression I’m just some cantankerous prick.
1. We are a society of fat-assed gym slaves.
That’s right. I used that word. Fat. And you know why? Because it’s a perfectly valid descriptive word. I don’t used it as a derogatory term. And i don’t use it to demean. It’s a description. And I’m tired of the whiny segments of our population taking away perfectly valid words cause it hurts their precious little feelings. It’s nonsense.
Either way our bipolar culture these days only seems to have two settings. Obese, or gym slave. Personally I’m neither. I go to the gym, but am no means one of these irritating ass hats that seem to think existence would come to an explosive and tragic end if they couldn’t spend hours punishing themselves to attain some impossible ideal. At the other end of the spectrum I could probably stand to lose 10 or 15 pounds, but am no means at the level of rampant obesity I see around me every day. I’m always amazed when I walk through a mall food court and see a really large, whale-sized human, so large he or she has to remain mobile by employing one of those rascal scooters, sitting at a table with 4 Big Mac containers in front of them. Cause and effect illustrated perfectly.
Can we not go back to the heady old days where there was a healthy middle ground? Do we need to be a nation of extremes? Well I may have the answer. It may seem a bit out there but I’m sure even the most dumbshit among us can wrap our heads around it.
Eat right and exercise at least twice a week.
Sane right? The Obese give up the diet of fast food and utter shit and hit a climber or treadmill once or twice a week. And you gym Nazis can get yourself a sedative and spend a bit more time with family and friends and maybe have a donut on occasion.
2. The dumbasses among us have begun to dictate education.
We have all seen this happen, especially if you have kids.
I’m not sure what my kids do at school all day, but such a volume of homework comes home with them, in grade two, that I’m pretty sure they’re left to their own devices for pretty much the whole day. I seem to be personally responsible for teaching them to read, write, do math and think for themselves. Pretty much everything I’m currently being over-taxed to pay for overpaid teachers to do.
To say nothing of the fact that, no matter how delayed a child is, it’s impossible to hold them back to year. We are doing children no favors by both under-educating them and teaching them it’s impossible to fail.
I could rant about the educational.system all day, but I have way to much to still type.
Either way there is a clear solution for this crisis. Put the Japanese in charge of our education system. We have proven we are too retarded to do it ourselves, and theirs produces the smartest, most articulate and capable students in the entire world. If anyone could fix a system as systemically broken as ours it is them.
3. We have become a lazy welfare state.
I know you saying right now that it’s easy to blame problems on the poor, and I would like to state categorically that is NOT what I’m doing.
Social assistance is a great tool to help those who need it through difficult times. I applaud it’s existance.
However my issue is with the abusers. The lazy shit heels that enjoy the public largesse of this system, without ever giving anything back and without ever trying to improve their situation.
I’m happy that this system is in place to help those who genuinely need it. But every fucking one of you has an example in your head right now of some lazy prick that has no intention of ever getting off of social assistance because it is just too damn easy to sit back, play video games and wait for all that free money to roll in.
Our current system has made it far too easy to take advantage of a system that has become afraid to hold anyone accountable for anything at all.
However I think there may be a way to at least partially fix the problem. It’s not a perfect solution, and probably has flaws that I have not forseen, but could it really be all that worse then the bloated system of waste we have right now?
I say we put a term limit on assistance. Instead of getting it forever we give it to you for a specified period so that you can get your personal.shit together, and then move on. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.
Also I think it’s completely reasonable to expect that while on social assistance, that people can be useful to the community. In record numbers social programs such as shelters, soup kitchens, sports programs and youth outreach complain of a dearth of volunteers. How is this possible with this giant resource of people with lots of time in their hands?
I think, as taxpayers, we need to start expecting more for our hard earned money then to see it simply given away, with little to no.prospect of any return.
4. Special interests wield all the power.
We live in an age where the special interest group has more influence in our daily lives then our jobs, friends or even the government. They dictate how we are permitted to speak, what we are allowed to find funny and what segments of our population are more important then the rest of us.
Women, midgets (sorry, little people), albinos, indians (both kinds), Asians, black people, Martians, anyone who isn’t white, children, the handicapped, disabled, cognitively impaired, cross-eyed, lesbian, gays, transgendered, shemales, gay transgendered shemales, people with speech impediments, people with extraordinary amounts of body hair, or with unibrows, assless chaps enthusiasts, smokers, non-smokers, nerds and even crackwhores. They all have an advocate group somewhere.
Basically as long as you’re not a white dude, there is a special interest lobby out there that will fight for your right to party in almost any situation. And will be happy to represent you in the eventual civil lawsuit that will occur if anyone happens to impinge upon your rights, or bruise your easily hurt feelings.
When did we break off into these petulant, angry little tribes?
And when did we as a species forget how to just get the fuck over ourselves?
Unfortunately I have no cure for this, aside from putting every special interest advocate on a big cruise ship, and then sinking that motherfucker in shark infested waters.

I will be periodically updating this post with other points, I’m just too damn tired to go in at the moment.
Please feel free to comment if you have points of your own. I never delete or block thoughtful and reasonable comments.
However if you can’t spell, type in acronyms or ebonics I’ll publicly mock and humiliate you just for being a fucktard.

Weird Fact Of The Day 01/25/2016

Although invisible to the naked eye, poltergeists inhabit nearly 26% of residential dwellings in Canada, and a staggering 74% in the continental United States.

The great disparity in supernatural infestation of people’s homes is attributed to the fact that most Americans are ignorant, religious  dickholes, and destructive spirits love to mess up their shit.

The average home has one angry ghost while it’s pretty safe to say Kanye West has at least 7, based on his massive shitheadedness.

Don’t You ‘LOL’ Me Motherfucker!

I don’t know about you but I’m getting a little sick of the way this internet proto-speak has viciously wormed it’s way into our daily lives. It is dissolving the ability of our children to speak in coherent sentences, it’s confusing the shit out of the elderly, and it’s eroding the very fabric of our tedious easy to impress civilization.

I’m being serious when I ask exactly how much easier do we need to make life for our youth?

They skate through school with no fear of failure, because we refuse to allow it. We could not bear the thought of bruising their fragile little self images. We will shoehorn even the dimmest child through school regardless of how much information actually sticks, and now we don’t even expect them to be even vaguely literate? This caveman language of stupid acronyms and catchphrases is suddenly sufficient? We are doing our youth a severe disservice by having no expectations of them at all in regards to the development of their intellect.

I think I need to start asking for our money back from this bloated and overpaid educational system in this province.

And the worst offenders I find are tween women between 15 and 28. This demographic doesn’t just type in this nonsense, they actually speak to one another it as well.

Next time you’re at the pub just covertly listen in on a conversation between two women in this age group. It sounds like gibberish, or more precisely between two people who suffer from schizophasia. For everyone wondering what that is it is defined as such,

In the mental health field, schizophasia orword salad is language that is confused and often repetitious, symptomatic of various mental illnesses.[1]

It is usually associated with a manicpresentation of bipolar affective disorderand other symptoms of serious mental illnesses, such as psychosis, includingschizophrenia. It is characterized by an apparently confused usage of words with no apparent meaning or relationship attached to them. In this context, it is considered to be a symptom of a formal thought disorder. In some cases schizophasia can be a sign of asymptomatic schizophrenia; e.g. the question “Why do people believe in God?” could elicit a response consisting of a series of words commonly associated with religion or prayer but strung together with no regard to language rules.

Schizophasia should be contrasted with another symptom of cognitive disruption and cognitive slippage involving certain idiosyncratic arrangements of words. With this symptom, the language may or may not be grammatically correct depending on the severity of the disease and the particular mechanisms which have been impacted by the disease.

The American diagnostic codes, from theDSM-IV, do not specifically code for this disorder although they include it as a symptom under the diagnosis of schizophrenia.[2]

OK it can’t just be me. That pretty much describes perfectly what I hear when these kids blather on in their heavily acronym-laden doublespeak.

So do your part.

Take back the Queen’s English from these bonehead millenials.

Next time someone looks at you and says “LOL!”, punch them in the teeth.