Things That Piss Me Off

It’s been a pretty foul day, and I’m in a terrible mood. So please allow me to pay that forward with a list of 120 things that absolutely drive me nuts. I’m sure many of these things will become subjects of future rants.

People Who Aren’t Paranoid, Reality TV, Religion, Feminazis, Native Canadian Greed, The Patriot Act, Government Bailouts, Wiggers, Religious Fundamentalists, Shitty Drivers, Perpetual Victims, Local, Provincial & Federal Cops, Affirmative Action, The Pharmaceutical Industry, Push Up Bras, Poop Porn, Sharon Osborne, Over-Effeminacy, Financial Institutions, Ebonics, Walmart, Eco Terrorists, Puritanical Thinking, Meatless Hamburgers, People Who Are Famous For No Reason, Pedophiles, The Warren Commission, Hippies, Celine Dion, DARPA, Rap & Hip Hop, Conservatives, Having My Picture Taken, Blind Loyalty, Getting Whacked In The Nuts, Excessive Body Art, Handicap Parking Spaces, TV Dancing Competitions, Angry Butch Lesbians, Patriotism, The Jackson Family, Doctor’s Offices, Urban Myths, Bollywood, Diarrhea, Winter Weather, HAARP, Being In Costco On Saturday, Deep Black Programs, Unshaven Beavers, Recipes Containing Eggplant, Hospital Waiting Rooms, McCarthyism, The Department Of Homeland Security, Elderly Drivers In Huge Vehicles, Immigration Checkpoints, Flight Cancellations, Breast Reduction Surgery, Mosquitos, Good Books Turned Into Shitty Movies, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Women’s Tennis, Granny Panties, The TSA, DIY Plumbing, The 9/11 Commission Report, Going To The Denist, Max And Ruby, Gun Nuts, Shitty Journalists, Musical Theatre, Urban Hipsters, The Project For The New American Century, Shitty Servers In Restaraunts, Accidental Sharts, Harlequin Romance Novels, Jehovah’s Witnesses, False Rape Accusations, The Swiss, Teetotallers, Militant Vegans, The Counsel On Foreign Relations, Changing Diapers, The CBC, Unattractive Strippers, Pageant Mothers, Hockey Parents, Airport Toilets, Blatant Civil Liberties Violations, Dudes Who Wear Pink, Other People’s Ignorant Children, Guidos, The Jerry Springer Show, Home Movies, Obesity, Being Blueballed, Putting Together Ikea Furniture, The Bilderberg Group, Intentional Ignorance, Fat People In Spandex, Gym Slaves, Boy Bands, Excessive Makeup, Pro Sports Salaries, Illiteracy, Portable Toilets, Being On Hold, Disney Movies, Thomas The Tank Engine, Hormonal Mood Swings, Noserings, The Bitch Who Took Away The Doubledown, Stupid Children’s Names, Hairy Moles, Vanity Pets, Hearing Myself Sing, The Geneva Convention, Elevator Music, Spiders & Milli Vanilli


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