Famewhore – Tila Tequila

First I would like to apologise to any repressed religious fundamentalists that, for reasons utterly beyond me, frequent my site.

There are tits in this picture. Gross, misshapen and an overall horrible example of female anatomy, but tits nonetheless.


Now, I have several issues with this picture.

Putting aside the fact that this silly twunt has done absolutely nothing of value, ever, aside from being a reality TV famewhore, as well as I suspect a physical host for multiple antibiotic-resistant STD strains.

First, what is going on with the breasts? I hope that rack job didn’t cost her a whole lot of hooker cash. I admittedly don’t know much about augmentation surgery, but when one points down and right and the other points straight to the left you need to be asking that back alley surgeon for your money back. When you are trying to fix the only interesting thing about you, my suggestion is don’t cheap out on the procedure.

Second, is that duct tape on her snatch? I’m sure that I don’t want to know, but the odds are on my side when I assume it is there to hold something in, such as gerbils, car keys or her cell phone, as opposed to keeping anything out. I’m pretty sure she’s never worked too hard at keeping things out of there.


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