A Personal Message To Kathleen Wynne

As a voter, I just wanted to share my personal disgust with the entire province of Ontario. This great province has shown itself to be nothing more then a collection of blithering retards by voting such a lying, corrupt, piece of dog shit like yourself as it’s premier.

Granted, our only other options was a raving lunatic and another unapologetic idiot, but I still would have hoped voters would remember how many different ways your party had blatantly prison fucked us, and simply sent you on your way.

I for one do not look forward to the myriad of ways you will waste my tax dollars and gleefully whittle away at the few civil liberties we have left, and sincerely hope the morons voting in this province one day pull their heads out of their collective asses.

Fuck you Kathleen. you are the worst of us.


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