Andy Sidaris Drinking Game


I’ve been told I’m seeming a bit paranoid and angry lately. So here is a game we came up with when watching the absolute shittiest awesome movies ever made. Enjoy

Drink once if:

-Every time a tree squib goes off.
-A woman is in a bikini or revealing outfit for no reason.
-A dude says something retarded to get in a chicks pants, twice if it works.
-Someone over complicates a simple task.
-There’s a cheesy fight scene.
-Gratuitous cleavage or ass shot.
-Someone is obviously braless.
-Someone refers to or says a stupid or cheesy name/codename.
-Ninjas walk around in broad daylight.
-Someone uses a stupid over complicated way to kill someone, or a situationally inappropriate weapon.
-You spot an obvious 80’s reference.
-The laws of physics are blatantly ignored.
-Anyone in the room groans at the cheesyness of something.
-Someone has a mullet
-There is a glaring plot hole or continuity error
-There is a pointless scene of women getting dressed or changed

Drink twice if:

-A remote control vehicle is used
-A woman is topless (three times if its Julie Strain)
-A man is shirtless or in a wife beater.
-People have sex for no reason. (double if its a cheesy location)
-People do something utterly unrelated to their current task, like stopping to go for a topless swim in the middle of a crisis, as an example.
-Technology is used out of context, or is completely ludicrous in its function.
-There is a blatant product placement
-A location, prop or vehicle is used that was used in a previous Sidaris film.
-You find yourself wondering why you’re watching the movie in the first place


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