Famewhore – Tila Tequila Part 2

Now to be fair, I was fully prepared to move on to the next ‘famous for no reason’ shit stain.

Then this twunt had to go and open her mouth, and here I am, forced to respond.

She said something along the lines of hating that people call her a skanky whore and a slut and she just can’t for the life of her figure out why people just don’t completely love her.

Thankfully, I don’t have enough Advil in the house to write the kind of long answer that I would like to, so I will make this brief.


First, if you don’t want to be treated like a skank and a whore, don’t go absolutely everywhere wearing the skank/whore costume.

Second, if you absolutely have to broadcast your girl parts all over the Internet, please let a trained surgeon deal with them. I pretty much described in my last post what is wrong with your fucked up excuse for a rack, and from what I’ve seen, that overused snatch of yours looks like an old catchers mitt. Enough with the back alley surgeries. Go to an actual doctor who didn’t get his or her degree in a third world school.

And lastly. If you want people to love you, the solution is simple. Don’t talk. Or sing. Don’t even pantomime. Just sit in a corner and shut the fuck up.

Our opinion of you will improve in no time. I’m sure of it.


3 thoughts on “Famewhore – Tila Tequila Part 2

  1. Harsh Bra….
    ‘Old catchers mitt’ Ha ha ha.
    Wouldn’t want to get in a battle of words with you sir.
    Hope your having a great evening.

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