Famewhore – Nicole Polizzi

First off, people like Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep or Harrison Ford should be offended when anyone refers to this walking traffic accident as ‘famous’.

The whore part is probably a bit more accurate. Although actual whores should probably be offended too.


Is there a picture on this earth, aside from the rednecks I poked fun at earlier, that is more trailer trash then this one? They should have sewn up this retards vagina to ensure children never came out of it.

Has anyone asked where she left the child if the stroller is full of beer and diet pop? And another question we should be asking ourselves is why we allowed this twunt on to the television and into our homes in the first place? Aside from being a drunken semen dumpster, what has she accomplished in her life to warrant such attention?

I think we need to set our standards a bit higher from now on. Thats the only way people like this will truly go away.



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