The Denver Airport Creepiness

Here’s the back story: built in 1995, construction of the Denver International Airport was questionable considering that Denver already had a fully-functioning airport, and the new airport featured even less runways and no new technological advancements to justify its existence – the only advantage that the new airport had over the old one was the unnecessarily large amount of space it occupied.

Conspiracists believe that the large amount of unoccupied space that the airport is built upon is a cover-up for what lies beneath… namely, a huge underground military bunker, which would reportedly be used to house people of importance in the event of an attack. However, unlike many conspiracy theories, this one isn’t without its evidence – the airport is lined with strange, terrifying murals depicting mass genocide. Here’s just a couple of them:



Global Hiroshima

Not exactly the kind of paintings you’d want to see before going on holiday, are they?

Denver Airport went roughly 3.1billion dollars over budget, except no one quite knows who paid for it. A stone in the terminal states that it was funded by ‘The New World Airport Commission’, but therein lies another mystery – the New World Airport Commission doesn’t actually exist.

Conspiracists believe that the New World Airport Commission is a nod to the New World Order (we’ll get to them later), and that the highly advanced bunker built underneath the airport will house VIP’s when the New World Order eventually begins its genocide of the human race (again, later). Others believe that the airport will be used as a modern concentration camp, with its Nazi-esque imagery (from an aerial view even the runways are shaped to look like a swastika) and ability to house thousands of people cited as evidence for this belief. Whatever the reasoning behind its strange aesthetics, no airport should greet its visitors with a giant statue of a demonic war-horse the way that Denver does.



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