Our Stupid Civilization – An Opinion

Didn’t find this anywhere. This is all me. If you’re overly sensitive or easily offended, look away now.


We have it in ourselves, our nationalities, our children, our homes, our job, cars, accomplishments real and perceived and even our own pasts.

Yeah. We probably shouldn’t.

At all.

Now I know some of you are already in disagreement. If that’s the case I’m going to ask you to get in your car and drive for 13 minutes. Within that time you will most likely be verbally abused, subjected to jackasses that can’t read road signs or just have no respect for every other person on the road.

And that’s just the ones driving. But people are like that. Every one of them. That is a fact. You are. I am too.

As a civilization I can not think of one single thing we have to be proud of.

Our civilization, and by that I refer to every single breathing human on the planet, has simply become a collection of selfish, whiny me-monkeys. We look out for ourselves, maybe a few people close to us, but mainly our own interests and needs take up so much of our time that we are incapable of wasting more then a second on them. We routinely do things we know we shouldn’t, simply because it is in our best interests, and because we live in a society largely without consequences.

I mean who cares if I yap on my phone when driving, and nearly kill an entire family when I cut them off never having bothered to look in our rear view mirror? I don’t know them. There is no consequence unless some dumbass cop happens to be right there and not be busy eating donuts or napping. And I get where I’m going faster! No downside. Unless you’re that family I nearly killed.

And we all behave like that. Every one of us. No exceptions. Yes even Oprah. I bet she would gladly pistolwhip a puppy if it meant a few more million in her overstuffed pockets.

Our leaders are corrupt because we are apathetic. We step over the homeless to buy a $10 coffee. CEOs make millions for sitting on their asses and 2/3 of the world lives in poverty. Priests rape kids. Children are becoming obese crybabies with no actual skills aside from playing video games and turning oxygen into carbon dioxide and farts. Illiterate fuck tards are all over ‘reality’ TV. We lie, cheat, steal and fuck each other over with such regularity it’s almost expected.

Like I said. Nothing to be proud of here.

Our daily behaviour has become so unbelievably unconscionable that I’m of the opinion that if some big Michael Bay/Roland Emmerich calamity is to befall us, I’m not sure we warrant or deserve survival. I’m not convinced our civilization shouldn’t just step out of the way in favor of some future race that isn’t built upon the concept of stepping on another person’s throat to get ahead.

Because that is clearly what we have become.


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