Police – An Unpopular Opinion


Ben Franklin’s words, while spoken a long time ago, are possibly even more relevant today then they were then.

Our governments are at the point now, where they are creating police forces that more closely resemble a military regiment, then a civilian force.

Gone are the days where the friendly cop walking your street stopped to actually help people. Now they are simply trained to follow orders, not think. They simply cruise by in their specially armoured cars, glaring at anyone that makes the mistake of being on the street. No contact, unless they want to hassle or simply bother someone. And definitely no assistance unless they are specifically ordered to.


As an example, the RCMP recently placed an order for 6 armoured personel carriers (APCs) simelar to the ones used in Iraq and Afghanistan to transport combat troops into the war zone. They are equipped with ‘pacifying’ sonic cannons and will repel an RPG.

Has anyone asked why these would be needed in Canada? What are they preparing for? It’s obvious that they feel this is a necessity that my tax dollars had to be used on. But what calamity are they expecting, that they would have to use this on unarmed Canadians?

And now, with our police simply mindless jackboots, can we expect that when told to use this blatantly offensive weapon on crowds of Canadians, that they will have the good sense to disobey that order?

Based on my observations, when that time comes we are all fucked.

Police no longer show common sense, they do what they’re told, no matter how idiotic or blatantly illegal it is.

I suggest you prepare for that, because when something bad happens, it won’t be the friendly, helpful cop of my parents generation at our door. It will be a heavily armed, steroid-laced mindless drone kicking your door in because he or she was told to.


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