Famewhore – Billy Ray Cyrus


Well where to start.

I guess I should start off by stating that the only thing worse then the albums he produces, is the offspring he produces.

Does that just about say it? Nope. I have more.

I love reading all of these quotes by the man as he blames everyone from Disney to Satan himself for the crackwhore prostitute of a Hannah Montana he loosed upon the world.

First of all, isn’t Disney and Satan really the same person?

Second. Billy Ray, YOU were the one that forgot to pull out of your spunk-dumpster of a wife in the back of that pickup truck. Thereby sending millions of your mullet-headed sperm into her, thus creating the spawn you have. YOU are the fucking parent. When YOUR goddamn kids go off the rails it’s up to YOU to pimpslap her and set her straight. Not mine, not the headless ghost of Walt Disney, and certainly not Old Scratch.


So quit it already with enjoying the publicity, go find where you lost your achy-breaky ballsack and clean up your fucking mess.


2 thoughts on “Famewhore – Billy Ray Cyrus

  1. I love, love, love your blog!
    I am always surprised by your posts, I love that.
    I cant believe you’re not an internet sensation yet.
    When you do get famous, you better remember me k 🙂

  2. AW of course i would!
    However I’m sure there are way more interesting things out there to read.
    Thanks so much though. It’s nice to hear you like reading the weirdness pouring out of my head! 😉

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