They Are Lying To You Movie Review – Signs



I will begin by saying, I really enjoyed this movie. It was a thoughtful, suspenseful and we’ll acted film. Something, that in the world of shitty remakes and dull romantic comedies, is a rarity.

I do however have some serious issues with it.

Aliens you can repel with water? How intelligent is this race? They can not abide contact with water, but choose to invade a planet covered in it. That’s like a kid with a brutal MSG allergy eating at The Mandarin. That’s a simple invasion to thwart eh? Just get every kid on the planet to sit in a lawn chair on the front lawn with a Super Soaker.

Also, I have a concern with a man coming to terms with his own faith, during an invasion by beings that basically negates the argument for a creationist God. They are bipedal, they have arms, fingers and a head. They’re basically humanoid. So the theory that we are a special race created by God is basically gone, as a species so close in appearance to us can only mean some manner of common ancestry.

Otherwise, in a surprising turn, M Night Shamalamadingdong produced a smart and engaging flick. One we go back and watch on occasion, which is more then I can say about most films.


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