A Theory About Thomas The Train

I have a theory. You won’t hear this anywhere else I’m sure because it’s a bit further outside rational thought then I usually reside. Just bear with me. 

We all know Thomas The Train right? If you have kids you’ve either seen and/or been creeped out by this show. It’s a friggin odd show. Trains with creepy religious cult grinning faces. The show give me nightmares. And if my theories prove accurate, it’s loaded with subtext and innuendo that is simply not meant for kids. 

I think the whole thing is about drugs. 

Let’s look at the details.

The whole thing takes place on a remote island, covered with fields of red flowers. Poppies, let’s remember, are the plant heroin is derived from.

There is tons of infrastructure. Roads, an airport, shipping docks and of course a wildly complex and extensive railway system. However no one seems to live there. Not a lot of private residences. Also with the airport and seaport, it’s always unnamed product going out. Not so much coming in. 

The whole place is run by this monumental dick dressed like a pimp. He demands everyone work hard and ‘be useful’, however I never hear of anyone getting paid, or any manner of time off. And everyone seems to be scared shitless of him‎, and of making him angry. 

And you notice everyone always looks tense and irritable? Like they’re living under a brutal, drug-fueled dictatorship? Ok that might be a giant leap of logic, but they definitely don’t look happy.‎

Not to mention and entire island of talking trains that no one seems to find the least bit odd, resembles a pretty substantial acid trip in itself.

Do you think kids pick up on stuff like this? People always say I’m a child, and I managed to, but what about other kids‎?

Is this a harmless kids show? A detailed manual of how to run a large scale drug operation? Could be either.

Let me know what you think.


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