Book Of Evil – Dirty Trick #7

Mormon Bombing

This one is relatively simple and low impact, but irritating as hell to whomever you inflict it upon.

All that is required here is a phone call to your local religious cult. Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, take your pick. Call and say you’d like to meet with them at your home and hear all about their lunacy.

Whomever you send them to will never ever ever ever shake them. They will be showing up at their door until the end of time.


4 thoughts on “Book Of Evil – Dirty Trick #7

  1. HaHAhA. it’s so true. I had the cutest, Latina JWitness coming to my house every month. I collect religious propoganda so I was pleased to have their idolatrous magazine hand-delived to my door every month for free. Well, one time I wasn’t home. My brother told her she had beautiful eyes and asked for her phone number, and SHE NEVER CAME BACK AGAIN. aww. I was so sad.

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