Random Thought Of The Day 07/25/2014

Has anyone else noticed how ambiguously gay these MMA and UFC shows are?

And the people who follow it so religiously? What exactly are they over compensating for I wonder?
Why would I want to watch 2 greased up dudes roll around on the floor play wrestling? Now don’t get me wrong I have no issues with gay people. I have many gay friends and we get along fabulously. My issue is with these steroid-laced dudes wrap this idiotic show, and themselves in this cloak of overt masculinity, when we can all see its just the opposite.

You want to see masculine? A man in a grocery store with a 6 and 3 year old. Managing to buy food, keep them occupied and not go utterly insane.

And by the way, the only time these MMA shows are in any way acceptable is when it’s two attractive women, they’re naked, and they’re fighting over who gets to wear the strap-on.‎


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