Famewhore – Robin Thicke

Y100's Jingle Ball 2013 Presented By Jam Audio Collection - Press Room


First off Robin, please accept my most sincere thanks for the most annoying song since “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”.

Now for a while I was having difficulty coming up with the proper adjectives for this turd. Thankfully this fugue state did not last very long.

I am still trying to fathom exactly why someone who has done so little, seems to feel so entitled. I’m sure it has something to do with being a child of privledge, and never actually having had a real job or responsibility of any kind. You know how I know this? Only a person with way too much free time on his hands could have possibly come up with something as pointless and irritating as ‘Blurred Lines’.

And while on the topic of wealthy parents. I think that Alan Thicke owes all Canadians an apology for not having pulled out.

We should all know better. We should be able to recognize when such an attention mongering asshat refuses to fade into obscurity, and force them to go away. But we don’t.

Every time I hear this borderline goober on the radio I find myself trying to knock out my own eardrums with a sharp object. Robin, like his music, is so very intolerable that I wonder if us, the public, aren’t mentally incompetant for allowing him to stay so firmly planted in our conciousness. I guess the real asshole here is us.



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