Shawn Brant Is The Worst Kind Of Homegrown Terrorist







It seems whenever and wherever aboriginal radicals seem to want to shake their angry fists at this great country, this terrorist pokes his knarly little head into it.

Now I don’t throw around the word ‘terrorist’ lightly. The word carries a very specific and focused meaning for me. But I am but an individual. Let’s see what the Oxford Dictionary says about the word terrorist.



Pronunciation: /ˈtɛrərɪst

 A person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims:
I guess that sums this person up as well as anyone can. Every day we hear of new threats, accusations and recriminations, all with the single purpose of making people scared shitless of what he will do next.
Shawn, you’re not a revolutionary. You are no different then any other terrorist.
And here is my reasoning.
When you wear a mask to conceal your identity when you are commiting acts of terror, you are a terrorist.
When you wrap yourself in a flag and proclaim you represent the will of a people that does not actually support you, that makes you a terrorist too.
When you destroy the property of others simply because you feel like it, as you think it somehow furthers your personal agenda. You are a terrorist.
Unfortunately for us, if he was an islamic fundamentalist, the US Navy SEALS would have been up here to pop him a new asshole in the forehead years ago. We seem intent on ignoring terrorists we have right in our own backyard, so we can focus on an imaginary boogyman further abroad.
Thankfully, just like other radicals of his kind, he says he speaks for all aboriginals, when in fact he represents only a miniscule minority. The issue is our government seems to have developed a hands-off approach when dealing with turds like this. I guarantee you, if you or I made terrorist threats against the government, posed with illegal weapons in camoflage fatigues and proclaimed all other races to be inferior, we would be doing hard prison time already.
So it’s pretty clear Shawn doesn’t want equality. He’s after supremacy. And just like any other racist, he needs to be dealt with as such.

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