Dan Kellar, Tom Keefer & The Death Of Free Speech

It seems every time I hear their names, it is for yet another act of squelching someone else’s constitutionally protected right to free speech.

Whether it be perpetual student Tom Keefer blowing an air horn to make someone, who actually has something rational to say, completely unintelligable. Or perpetual student (anyone seeing a pattern yet) Dan Kellar protesting an actual, award winning journalist from lecturing at a provincially accredited university.

It seems free speech is fine, so long as it’s theirs. You and I do not deserve it.

I was at the University of Waterloo to hear Christie Blatchford speak on the human rights abuses and race based policing that has occurred all over this province, only to find that, because Dan Kellar didn’t like the message, he and some of the same lazy asses you’d find at an Idle No More or Occupy rally decided that no one would get to hear it.

Thankfully, the University isn’t one that typically bows to this kind of Nazi thought police type of pressure, and the lecture occurred regardless of the fact that Fuhrer Kellar didn’t like it.

And Tom Keefer is no different. This CUPE union puppet seems to think he has our best interests in mind when he shows up anyplace there might be an opportunity to get his knarled little head in front of a TV camera so he can wail about how rights are being abused, before turning around and robbing you of yours.

I think these two are more pitiful then evil. With the special interest groups and labour unions that pull their strings, they have simply become the puppets of those they pretend to be championing against.

And that is more sad then anything.



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