Random Thought Of The Day 08/07/2014

First off, what is with all the goddamn wiggers? When I was young there were a few, we all made fun of them in their parachute pants, chains and goofy, flat brimmed hats, but didn’t really give them a second thought.

Now those dumbass looking motherfuckers are everywhere. And they all seem to think that whatever shitty hip hop they are listening to on those huge retarded looking headphones, needs to be loud enough that we ALL need to hear it too.

I have a solution.

I am designating August 8th as International Slap-A-Wigger Day

When you see them on the street doing their goofy walk, when you see them hanging out at the mall because they are basically unskilled and unemployable, or anyplace you find one, warm up your pimp-slapping hand and let them have it.

If we slap them hard and often enough it’s possible they may just fade into extinction like they should have back in 1986.



6 thoughts on “Random Thought Of The Day 08/07/2014

  1. When I was 14ish, I used to wear HUGE jeans with a body suit (do you remember those body suits?). I thought I was so bad ass, I looked like a fucken reject.

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