The Un-Weirdest Breasts Ever

Let me first start off by saying if you are some kind of rabid Jesus freak who is so repressed that the sight of the human body offends you, I would suggest turning away now. There are tits in this post. Lots of them. At least 2 in each picture. The female body in all its various forms is always beautiful. And if this bothers you I would suggest looking inward for the source of your issues, before making the mistake of engaging me in debate or argument on my own blog.

Today my very good friend Kalevera did an awesome post about weird, freaky breasts. I loved it. It was f’n hysterical. Something I’ve come to know and love about her posts. You can view it here.

So just to even out our combined karma I have posted here some of the un-weirdest.

Now I know this is subjective. So I’ve tried to include the whole spectrum. Some are large. Some smaller. Some real. Some fake.

I feel better knowing our karma is level.


B12B11B10B9B8B7Special EditionsB5B4B3Editorial BodyB1B22B21B20B19B18B17B14alice goodwinB16B15


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