Native Pride Vs Native Hate

Another fantastic piece written by Gary McHale.


With all the talk about Supremacy groups, whether White or Native, what exactly is the difference, if any, between Pride in one’s culture, one’s history, one’s people, and Hate?

I believe we can all agree that Pride in one’s race, history, language, culture is truly a great thing. As people we need to have a sense of Pride in ourselves and our heritage. This has been denied to Aboriginal people for some time and the cost in human suffering of any people without Pride can be seen in many ways.

Therefore, we affirm Aboriginal people’s Right to Pride – as Humans we all need Pride.

In Toronto, we can have many events that celebrate the Pride people have in their own group, race, etc. We have Caribbana which is well attended and eagerly anticipated by many in Toronto. We have a city that has a Greek celebrations, Asian celebrations, Italian celebrations, etc.

All groups should be encouraged to take Pride in the accomplishments of their people. This includes sports, music performers, movie personalities, their artists, their leaders and their heroes of the past. This is all healthy Pride and is needed in every society for the well-being of its people.

How does Pride become Hate?

In Canada we have Hate Crime Laws and as such we are talking here about a legal understanding of Hate.

In short, Pride becomes Hate when the Pride is expressed in such a way as to degrade another group and/or incite violence towards another group. One can express a lot of Pride in one’s race, history, culture etc., without ever belittling another group. One can talk about all the great doctors their race has produced, but if at the same time you talk about another group as the disease carriers of society then you have crossed over the line from Pride to Hate.

Aboriginal Pride and Hate

There is no doubt Aboriginals in Canada have a lot to be Proud about. Their history and culture goes back thousands of years. Throughout Canada they celebrate their culture and history in many ways including Pow Wows, their art and music, etc.

These are all healthy and add to the multicultural flavour of Canada and therefore, is something we can all take pride in.

But we see another Native Pride Movement that isn’t Pride at all but pure Hatred. To them all whites are Evil. They label all whites as Nazis or members of the KKK. They make generalized statements that are clearly designed to belittle and degrade all whites.At the same time they quote or present images of violence as the answer to the ‘white’ problem. In many ways they present their message as a solution to the ‘white’ problem.

To further their message they wrap themselves up in their history, culture and flag as a means to spread their Hate Pride. All Supremacy groups must do this in order to create a movement and the added touch of spirituality to the movement gives the needed justification to use violence against another group.


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