Ferguson Police, And Police Around The World Should Be Ashamed

I don’t know if they have figured this out yet, but the distinction needs to be made.

Police are not combat military troops.

They never will be.

They don’t deserve or need military hardware.

They don’t require APCs, drones, machine guns or grenades. We have a standing army for that.

They are civilians, nothing more.

I think it’s time to remind them of this before they begin killing indiscriminitely.
Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man


2 thoughts on “Ferguson Police, And Police Around The World Should Be Ashamed

  1. Be ashamed Ferguson police if this new Audio tape is accurate. 11 shots!!! Are you kidding me. You have no right to use excessive force of this nature. This police officer must be prosecuted! 6 shots, a pause and 5 more. Rediculious! You failed your calling to protect and serve.

  2. I completely agree!
    Also the disgusting response has been equally horrifying. How do you accrue sympathy for your cause by looting and burning your own town?
    When I see people who respond to a senseless tragedy by feeling entitled to burn and pillage, unfortunately that is when I stop sympathizing.
    That being said, we can not for a second stop watching our police. The more we allow them to break the laws, the closer we come to a fascist police state. And then none of us are safe.

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