Only Canada’s Indigenous People Could Make The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge About Their Cause

Crazy Lady Over Here

I used to like Leonardo DiCaprio and Neil Young and now I think that they are just scumbags with lots of money.

These A-listers coming out to Alberta to bag on our oil sands is getting kind of old. Really they are just a bunch of hypocrites spewing useless bullshit.

Don’t come to Alberta and bitch about our oil sands when you probably got here in a helicopter or a private jet. If you’re so concerned maybe you should start riding a fucking horse everywhere you go. Oh yeah, say good-bye to twitter too cause cell phones and lap tops are NOT GREEN.

Oh, You Drive an electric vehicle that runs on batteries? Good for you, I wonder how those batteries will be disposed of once they are spent?

Neil Young also came here in recent years running his mouth for the indigenous peoples of Alberta and against the tar…

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