They Are Lying To You Movie Review – Slumdog Millionaire


Now I should begin by stating how much I detest anything Bollywood.

Like it if you like, but I find it migraine-inducing and irritating. It’s like watching a foreign gay pride parade, where everyone is singing with a mouthful of marbles.

Anyway, this particular movie was shitty on more levels then that. That being said I have no issue with the overly formulaic story. Boy meets girl that is both way out of his league, as well as way out of his caste, but because he wins a game show he gets her. I get the concept. It’s the fact we have to spend two hours enduring it that causes me the headache. I lost sympathy for everyone in this movie within the first 15 minutes. I kept hoping this would turn into a Michael Bay destructionfest so the boredom I was experiencing would abate.

Unfortunately I will admit I fell asleep a total of 9 times during this movie.

Even more unfortunate, is that every time I did, the person I was watching it with paused the movie, so even sleep didn’t save me from having to endure every minute of this film.

Now the shitty Bollywood nonsense and the retarded story aside, did anyone stop and think that a million Indian rupees translates to like $18,000 Canadian? This idiot went through all that shit for that?

Pass on this one if it already hasn’t been inflicted upon you. You will thank me.