Weird Fact Of The Day 08/27/2014

Today’s date is a bit of a weird one. There have been so many weird, interesting and fucked up people born on this day that I just had to list them, because there is definitely something fucked up about August 27th.

Ed Gein – Serial Killer ( this is the dude they based Hannibal Lechter on)

Paul Reubens – Pee Wee Herman and Serial Masturbator

Paul Bernardo – Serial Killer

Cesar Milan – The Dog Whisperer

Harry Reems – 70’s Porno Guy

Lyndon B Johnson – Ex US President

Aaron Paul – Actor (Breaking Bad and a string of shitty movies)

Sgt Slaughter – I’m thinking he and Harry Reems are the same dude.


Interesting crowd. Must be a full moon.




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