Book Of Evil – Dirty Trick #9

Border Blocking

Post 9/11, the US border has been a shitty place to be. As Canadians we are so much cooler then they are, so the bullshit we eat by these people is non-sensical at best.

Yes. You Border/Immigration and TSA assholes are absolute fucktards.

However we can use their fucktardiness to our advantage. When the person you are pranking is going to be crossing the border (only do this at borders, airports are too fucked up to mess with), they have this cool tip line where you can report that, as an example, this person may have crack hidden up their butt.

Then sit back and wait for that panicked phone call. However, considering that this can result in monetary fines and body cavity searches, think really long and hard before doing this. Oh yeah. And it’s a federal offence to make a false accusation like this. And if you think anything is anonymous anymore you’re a bone head.

You know, forget I even said anything.