The First Lie In ANY Relationship Is Told By The Woman

Strap in children. I know the ladies aren’t going to like this, but something needs to be said.

I will preface this conversation by stating there’s nothing I like more then the sight of my lady on a really sexy bra. Mmmmm mmmm.


I have come to realize that the company that made it, the company that marketed it as something she just HAD to have, and the company that ultimately sold it to her is in the business of one, simple thing.

Helping women LIE to men.

That’s right. I f’n said it.


Liar liar pants on fire, lying f’n lies!!!!

Every day we hear women bitch and moan about men. “He didn’t have a 3 foot cock!”, or “He wasn’t really in that band!” or my favorite “Oh my God he said he had a Ferrari!!”

Never do you hear the other side of it. Women don’t want to talk about the lie that is the ‘increase 3 cup sizes push up bra’ or the body shapers, or even the liquor they deploy to go from a 3 to a 9!

These are acceptable in their eyes. But all it is, is a massive deception.

All men out there have been taken in at one point or another. You’re out at a pub, chatting up this hottie with a fantastic looking rack, and later when the Spanx, and the Victoria’s Secret enhancers come off, the real story isn’t quite so awesome. Sometimes it’s downright horrifying.

Check my earlier blog post for perfect examples.
There is no telling what is actually under there.

And society expects men to eat this deception with a smile.

Now I don’t expect this to change. I’m not delusional or unrealistic. Nor do I expect that the companies that market and peddle these lies to stop, any more then I expect that the women that perpetuate the myth to boycott such deceptions.

I just think that women need to know that we see through that shit. We might not always listen to the right brain when presented with the lie.

But we are on to you.


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