Famewhore – Kanye West


I’ve been waiting to lay into this fucktard.

Never in my life have I known so much, about someone so unremarkable.

Seriously? What has this asshead done?

Irritating music? My 3 year old can do that. And he’s at least interesting to watch

Violent impulse control issues? Wow he’s really breaking the rapper stereotype there isn’t he?

Fuck the only vaguely interesting thing this retard has done was walk into a signpost. I could watch that over and over and it will never get old.


Seriously bonehead, you’ve aggravated the world enough. Pack up Shamu, I mean your wife, and go away. It’s time you left us in peace now.

And of you could do us one favour? Take her whole irritating fucking famewhore family with you.


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