5 Reasons To Expect Police Brutality To Get Worse Before It Gets Better

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Isaac Davis, Contributor
Waking Times

Few things are more disturbing than looking at the news each day to find yet another shocking case of American police officers using excessive brutality and belligerence against the public. There is no justification for this, and as the list of egregious rights violations by the police grows, more Americans may finally be waking up to what many of us have known for years: our nation is becoming a police state.

With the proliferation of portable handheld and dashboard video cameras, and with the ability to upload and share videos on the web, people can see for themselves what police brutality really looks and feels like, and tension between police and American citizens is visible. A simple Google or YouTube search quickly reveals hundreds of unique cases of cops brutalizing people, often with insane cruelty and hubris, and the list of abuses grows…

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