Book Of Evil – Dirty Trick #10

Parking Lot Decoy

This isn’t so much a dirty trick, as something I like to do in a crowded Costco parking lot on a quiet, boring Saturday in July.

If you have a child seat in the back of your car you’re set, if not borrow one. And a really lifelike looking doll to strap into it.

Now all you have to do is cruise the parking lot, waiting for a good spot right near the door. At that point wait for people to walk past, get out and walk away from the car, locking it.

Our society is so dumb, the first nosy asshole you see will spot the doll, assume you’re leaving a child in the car, and scream at you. This is where it gets fun.

In the loudest voice you have, rip that nosy, intrusive motherfucker a new asshole. You’re right by the door, so EVERYONE will experience your wrath.

Their embarassment, in front of hundreds of people, will be your reward.


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