Famewhore – Tim Tebow


Where do I start?

To be honest I don’t know what irritates me more. The fact that he was a shitty, overhyped football player who hit the NFL and preformed more like a ballarina then a QB, or the whole Jesus nonsense thing.

It is a really close call. Not that he would know what a close call is. It was always pretty evident that he played football as well as I would expect that kid from ‘Deliverence’ would.


We’ve all seen shitty football players crash and burn before but I truly think it was constantly hearing about his faith that pissed me off the most. Why is that even relevant? Somehow I’m supposed to care that he talks to some non-existant boogyman during a game?

And can this asshat really think that God loves him if he caused him to play so shitty, for such a long time? That sounds a little self abusive. Not that he would know anything about really fun self abuse.

F’n virgin.

Hey Tim, here’s a suggestion. Go fuck like 20 or 30 sluts. Drink, and go on a 3 month meth bender. Marry the first skank that doesn’t give you the clap, and make sure you beat her for no reason. Make sure a surveillence camera catches it as well.

If you do all that I’m sure the Baltimore Ravens will be calling to offer you a job.





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