Crazy Latvian Has WAY Too Much Plastic In Her

Now far be it for me to complain about large breasts, but this whole plastic surgery fad has gone too far. If you ask me, this woman was way hotter BEFORE all the augmentation. But judge for yourself.

Being a model wasn’t enough for Victoria Wild. She wanted to be a real-life sex doll.

To that end, Wild, 30, has spent the last five years getting surgical enhancements on her lips, hips and all points in between to make herself into a Barbie doll with huge bazooms.

It’s a dream she had since she was growing up in a small village in Latvia.

“I had a very normal childhood, living in a small village in the countryside. I was very slim and blonde and people would call me Barbie. But I hated my small A cup boobs. I didn’t like myself or the way I looked. I had an inferiority complex,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “I didn’t know about plastic surgery at that age but I would always dream about resembling a sexy bimbo doll with huge breasts and insanely big lips.”

“I loved the way dolls looked and how sexy they were. They are so bright and bold. It was this fantasy in my head,” she said

Fantasy started becoming reality when she was 25 and met her boyfriend, an Italian businessman named Simon. He encouraged her dream of becoming a real-life sex doll and helped her fund $50,000 worth of cosmetic surgery.

With his help, along with money Wild earned modeling, she’s been able to afford permanent lip implants, botox, buttock implants, a nose job and three rounds of breast surgery to increase her bust size to a ginormous 32G.

Wild, who now lives in Cannes, France, is wild about the way she looks and so is her beau.

“Simon loves my sex doll look. I’m a bombshell now. People look at me in the street and men absolutely adore me. Simon’s so proud of the attention I get,” she said, according to the Metro. “I get more glamour model work because how I look too. I would love to become famous for being a sex doll.


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