Asshead Of The Day 09/26/2014 – Richard Smoke

I unfortunately do not have, and have been unable to find, a picture of this particular fucktard.

However, from what I can remember, if you picture in your mind the stereotypical unkempt, social rebel, half drunk native Canadian, that should be enough for you to go on.

I do not say this to be intentionally derogatory, I am simply painting a picture so the rest of this will make sense.

You will remember the case of Mr Sam Gualtieri, the man permanently brain damaged in a pointless attack by Richard Smoke. The man was working on a home, a wedding gift to his daughter, when he was attacked by this waste of welfare, in a manner the judge called ‘just short of culpable homicide.’

Every time I think of this it sickens me. What kind of world do we live in that a jobless, illiterate asshat like this can attack, and almost kill, a contributing member of society, a father, a husband, and get away with it. And get away with it he did, as a sentance of 2 years is nothing for having done this.


It just goes to prove that the justice system in Canada is something indians seem to think doesn’t apply to them, and this asshole judge, most likely under pressure from a spineless Liberal government, confirmed it for them.

I can only hope that Richard Smoke is a very bad man’s bitch in prison, and that those two years of his life scar him as deeply and permanently as he did to Mr Gualtieri.

Fuck you Richard. You are a drain on society both in and out of prison, and you deserve every minute of unlubricated ass-spelunking you endure on the inside.


2 thoughts on “Asshead Of The Day 09/26/2014 – Richard Smoke

  1. In Christie Blatchford’s book “Helpless” 2nd to last picture in between pages 82-83 you will find him wearing a black hoodie flippin the bird.

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