North Korea Isn’t Scary, Just Pitiful

It seems to me, that the more North Korea trys to seem like an evil, nuclear fueled superpower, the more I personally marginalize and utterly disregard them.

It’s like the hillbilly that buys a big truck, has lots of guns, wears a lot of camoflage clothing and spends the day telling everyone around him how massive his dick is. The overcompensation tells the real story.

North Korea has, in an international relations perspective, an extraordinarily miniscule penis. And they’re trying REALLY hard to make us think otherwise.

And really? Can we really take them seriously when their leader looks like he gets haircuts from a blind child with Tourettes syndrome? That goofy motherfucker looks like his mommy still buys his clothes for him. He’s a pudgy, dumbshit-looking Korean version of Chaz Bono. I’ve taken shits today that looked scarier. And that’s not just because of the peanuts and corn. How exactly does that happen anyway?

Shit. I’m off topic again. See how boring this place is?

These little fuckers would just go away, if the UN had the stones to do one, small, simple thing.

The next time the North Korean representative stands up to bluster on about some stupid assed nonsense. The dude sitting next to him just has to give him an atomic wedgie, steal his lunch money and pimpslap him. The odds are good he, and his insignificant homeland, won’t cause us any more nuisance.


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