Book Of Evil – Dirty Trick #11

Decoy Meth

At last, an easy way to get revenge on someone, or just fuck with a stranger.

Go to Bulk Barn and buy a good sized bag of blue Jolly Rancher candy.

Unwrap each one and put into a zip loc bag. Take a hammer and break them up so they are no longer nice square shapes. Now all you need to do is stash it someplace, or my favorite, simply walk through a parking lot and toss it into the open window of any unoccupied car.

Then you simply have to make an anonymous call to the fuzz, telling them where you saw this big baggie of blue meth. I like to toss it into an unoccupied police vehicle and then call in that liscence plate to the police. Ooooooooh that makes them angry.

The best part of this one, the victim will be in custody for at least a few days before the lab tests come back negative, because labs are slow and the police are dumbasses who can’t tell meth from hard candy.


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