They Are Lying To You Movie Review – The Lego Movie


When I took my kids to this movie, I was completely prepared to sit back and have a nap until it was over.

That absolutely did not happen.

I’m not sure who had a better time. Them or me.

This flick was so jam packed with funny little references that my generation instantly recognized, that for the first time in recent memory it was a genuine pleasure to sit through an entire kid’s movie.

The dialogue was quick, witty and never inappropriate for any age. I can’t think of another which has so much appeal to such a wide, generational audience. As well, the action is engaging, and almost constant. There was no point that either myself, or my 3 year old, became bored. And as any parent knows, once a child becomes bored in a public place, there is no telling what they might do.


This movie has one downside.

Even if your child doesn’t sing it over and over and over like some kind of coked up parrot., the song “Everything Is Awesome” is going to fucking get stuck in your head.



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