Fuck You PRIDEtoberfest

OK OK I get it. The LBGT community just HAS to make EVERYTHING about them. I get it. We are used to it.

But this?


You can’t just celebrate with the rest of us? You have to have YOUR VERY OWN gathering, funded by tax dollars?

I call bullshit.

Not EVERY subdivided subculture requires it’s own festhall.

What’s next? The bisexuals decide they don’t like celebrating with the trannys? So they branch off and have BItoberfest some place else?

But wait, there are factions within that community that don’t like each other so they break off into Don’t-Know-What-They-Want-toberfest and Too-Greedy-To-Pick-A-Hole-toberfest?

Why the constant subdivision? This festival is about all groups coming together for beer and complex carbohydrates, not hiding in their own little corner. And before you start crying all over your Streisand albums, I feel the same way about HipHoptoberfest, Rocktoberfest and Hillbillytoberfest.

So pull up your fucking big boy pants and play with everyone else.

We don’t care what you’re fucking.



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