Is ‘Christian Art’ An Oxymoron?

This is literally one of the most retarded things I have ever seen.



Am I supposed to beleive that Kenny Loggins was not only alive at the inception of the United States constitution, but also had a hand in it’s writing?

And what’s with the robes Kenny? This whole thing is confusing on many levels.

And did you check out all the indicators within the picture that point to an ongoing conspiracy to cover up the existance of time travel technology? And you know who the mastermind is right? It’s that plaid wearing, Norman Rockwell looking dude in the lower left corner. You just KNOW that asshole is up to no good.

And you know when Abraham Lincoln puts on his “I’m going to whup some ass’ face that shit is going wrong in a big way. It’s a good thing he has that modern US Army Ranger standing behind him. Something tells me Trent Lott and Michelle Bachmann are about to get a shoe up the ass.

Discuss amongst yourselves.